When you arrive and leave your car it may be possible to be picked up or dropped off by Great Brakes. Most services are completed the same day with minimal inconvenience. Please call us at 612-331-3635 to schedule your visit.

A broad range of services are available. We sell battery and wiper blade installations, light bulbs, fluid changes (transmission, coolant), spark plugs, plug wires and ignition parts, filters, tires, wheel rotation and balancing, and other light duty repairs.

Also, full brake system service: struts, shocks, axles, ball joint repairs, bearings. Additionally: timing belts, water pumps, alternators, and other engine work like the clutch, rack-an-pinion, rear-end and heavier chassis parts, and engine and transmission replacement. And many other forms of repair and maintenance.

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"Worku Moges, owner of University Avenue's Great Brakes, is something of a local celebrity. No, he doesn't pour drinks at the hot new bar, and he's never played with Prince. He's a one-of-a-kind mechanic, and that has gained him the accolades of drivers throughout the metro. He's been described as friendly, affordable, trustworthy, honest, efficient, ethical, helpful, and communicative. And he's been known to give a reliable recommendation for anything on a car he can't take care of himself, or even to show customers how to make a simple repair themselves. Like we said, he's one of a kind."

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